Spare a thought for a three billion dead fauna.


Meanwhile… out in nature

There’s a pretty serious drought on

So it’s interesting to think

That while I am overstocked

With food and drink

And trying to lose weight

For little other than vanity

Millions of animals

Intelligent creatures

Livestock, kangaroos, birds

Are in crisis mode

As they approach starvation

And it torments me

As much as it brings me peace

To know that suffering

Doesn’t discriminate

And mother nature

Can be a cruel as she is kind

So spare a thought

For those animals starving

As innocent in their ways

As we are guilty as men

The news this year has been wild beyond belief, before COVID there was a massive drought in Australia and not long after writing this there was an epic amount of bush fires in which a stupendous amount of animals perished in the flames.

While animals can be barbaric they lack the sort of carefully thought out bastardry that characterizes so much of the history of man.

Spare a thought for a three billion dead fauna.

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