Cherish each day

Every one has a champion within them, I want to draw it out of everyone I meet.


Let the synapses fire

Let me have things to say

Let me embrace the night

So I appreciate the day

Confidence is king

Haste without bad deeds

Getting things done

With blistering speed

My will and body tempered

In the furnace of lost souls

Excellence in all things

An oyster my world

I go supersonic

As I steady up the pace

The battles won showing

On the lines on my face

Work hard, train well

On to the next one

Energy to burn

Burning to have fun

The goal of it all

Unbreakable will

The right man for the job

The right words for the thrill

So wish me luck

In these days so wild

Forge on to the stars

Walk the longest mile

It could all go so wrong

It could be over before

It has truly begun

So make love to the world

And cherish each day

Like it’s your last

I have a goal of sorts, to super charge my life without taking drugs to get there and to be a strong willed man that gets things done. This relates to work, creativity, physicality and relationships. I want to be a rock that people can rely on, a hard worker, an innovator and a well of positive energy for family and friends to draw upon. I know how bad things can get so I want to be grateful for each day of freedom and the endless possibilities that come with modern life.

Every one has a champion within them, I want to draw it out of everyone I meet.

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