Flawed Species

The miracle is that anything works at all,


Freedom is bliss

The world so vast

That every possible permutation

Of life has happened

And is happening now

Truth really is

Stranger than fiction

And too much reality

Can break a strong man down

Seeing things clearly

Is a precursor

To depression and bitterness

So keep the aperture of your mind

Small and humble

Staring life in the face

Is like starting at the sun

An overdose of the truth of things

With all its shortcomings

Can be fatal and some

Never see again clearly

Never see again at all

Don’t think about the failing

Of this the most flawed of species

And be grateful

That anything works at all

Keep your focus on the good

And you might just find

That it can be nice to be alive

Often when I hear people complain about issues in society I think it’s admirable that they want to change things for the better but also don’t see the glass half full perspective, that it’s a miracle anything works at all. I read once that 1 in 5 people will experience depression at one point in their life, I think it’s amazing that 4 out of 5 don’t. I swear too much reality is what killed Hemingway,that  he saw so much of the horrible side of humanity that it eventually consumed him.

When I look at the fact we have working hospitals, schools, roads and the dole I think it’s absolutely magic.

The miracle is that anything works at all,

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