The Cruel Sea

When you can’t have what you want, you learn to want what you have.


For a long time I’ve been drowning

A slow dance of controlled chaos

As these lungs fail

My arms chained

But something is changing in me

With every moment I spend

My head beneath the surface

The more I resemble

A creature of the sea

And life floods through me

There was a time it looked as though

I may never reach the surface

I would either drown or change

To something other then fully human

But I feel myself

Floating steadily to the surface

And I know I’ll make it out

Alive and human

Before the cruel sea takes me

This one is about becoming institutionalized which was a very real problem I was facing. Many do so much time that they learn to love jail and some even prefer it to the outside. I was changing into a ‘lifer’ and too much more time ‘under the surface’ on the inside and I would never fear jail enough to stay out and keep my life on track.

Thank god I made it out before I was too far gone for a normal life.

When you can’t have what you want, you learn to want what you have.

One thought on “The Cruel Sea

  1. Very eloquently and enigmatically crafted well versed philosophical poem. I too have actually learned that there are two kinds of people. Those who get what they want and those who want what they get. My own circumstances have forced me to want what I get and from observation it seems to me to be the better part of the two in the long run.
    Very well done.


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