On my death bed I will never regret the time I spent in Paris.


If I wasn’t in the slammer

You’d find me

At a café in Paris

Café au lait and a book

I’m either reading or writing

Smoking like a chimney

As the Parisians do

Befriending expats and students

In my favorite hostel

Or a two star hotel

Where the stars don’t mean anything

Live jazz and weekends in Amsterdam

Monte Matre and Notre Damn

Timeless style

A watch from the jewellers

On Rue Di Rivoli

Light smokes with my zippo

As I zip down town

To the markets to cook

Authentic Parisian fare

Let’s not forget the crepes

And the hot chocolate in winter

Oh yes, there’s places I’d rather be

That I may never see again

But through  all the madness

The punk rock and the jail

I’m proud of my love affair

With the great city of Paris

I’ve been lucky enough to visit Paris a few times and love everything about it. The line about the two star hotel is inspired by the band ‘Minus The Bear’ who I also love everything about.

Unfortunately I may never be able to travel France ever again but one thing’s for sure: on my death bed I will never regret the time I spent in Paris.

5 thoughts on “Paris

    1. Thanks Cheryl, I try to take an interest in other people’s work and seem to get a lot of one line responses. I’d love more followers but really I just do it for the love of it and for the catharsis of writing.


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