Suit of Armor

After a while nothing shocks you.


Not too much gets to me here

I’ve grown thick skin

Each day in hell

It gets a little tougher

Indifference my suit of armor

And my heart rate stays the same

When the screws come running

Or the ambulance arrives

You learn not to expect

Anything other than the unexpected

Big egos making moves

Scabs and cheats plying their craft

The criminal way

In all it’s chaos

But not too much gets to me here

As I wrap things up

In minimum security

So bring on the dramas

Each one another story to tell

As the outside world

Looks softer and softer

Oh women, oh whisky and wine

Await me like paradise

Not too much gets to me here

As I count down the days


The longer you spend locked up the more you get desensitized to the chaos and dramas within. After a while nothing shocks you and behavior that would normally seem atrocious or bizarre or confusing seems common place. When you get out everyone seems amusingly soft and lovely and you really learn to appreciate good normal people.

For a long time nothing much got to me, now on the outside I’m learning to feel again.

3 thoughts on “Suit of Armor

    1. Unfortunately these are not my own work, just examples of the aesthetic that moved me. I do a little art here and there but I’m not that talented. Glad you like the look though, the sea is a rich source of inspiration for me:)

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