Full Moon

All I want is to hold a lover tight in the cold winter nights.


I want my life to be filled

With road trips and love songs

And to dance under the full moon

By an alpine lake in Tasmania

With a camper van

A box of wine

And nothing but time

To fall deeply in love

Making magic little moments

With flowers in our hair

Mending our souls

In the alpine air

An oh to take that van

To distant corners of our country

Visiting quint little towns

And bonding with the locals

In the winter night

We would hold each other tight

And the world wouldn’t look so mean

Due to my criminal record I can no longer travel overseas so I’m satisfied enough to explore the vast country I live in. It’s been a dream for years now to take a camper van around Tassie with a girlfriend in tow and as soon as parole oks it and the corona virus allows for it I think I will.

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