Oxygen Knowledge

Everyone has some wisdom to offer.


Serpentine the lizard

Winds North to the great unknown

The serpent of solitude

Embraces the freedom

Of an empty house

And the march of progress

In all aspects of life

Leads to new and unexpected delights

Every man has a story to tell

Every man has something they’re good at

And something to teach us

So I go mining for gold

In the minds of friends

In the minds of strangers

And paradise follows

The every day euphony

Of good conversation

And the light found

In the darkest of places

So bring on the deep and meaningful

Solid chats good hustle

And a new challenge

To ensure the exchange

Of positive energy

Man to  man

The laughs

And the beauty

Of creative, conversational camaraderie

Knowledge the oxygen

To my drowning soul

These are things I think about a lot and try to put into practice, I love picking the brains of the people I work with. Dig around enough and everyone has some wisdom to offer, something funny to say or a subject they know a lot of interesting stuff about.

The more the conversation in my life flows the more it heals my soul that copped such a beating in the inside.

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