I’m passionate about making my family proud.


When I was a kid

I never thought about

What I would do as an adult

Girls, drums and skateboarding

Was all I knew

And even less did I think about

Bringing honor to my parents

A troubled family

Divorced parents

And now that I know

The way life goes

I want nothing more

Than to make my family proud

Get my name in the paper

For doing something good

Bring home a nice girl

And make my parents grandparents again

I can never repair and repay

The damage I’ve done

Or the good they’ve done for me

But maybe, just maybe

Someday we can walk together

As a family

And feel proud

Some would say I was doomed from the start, no ambition and all I ever wanted to do was skate and play drums in a band. I did them both and never thought about; doing well in school, going to uni, getting a good job, buying a house and settling down. Now in my thirties I’m troubled by how much work lies ahead to get back to something approaching the golden path. Every time I kick a goal I’m doing it not just for myself but for my family, friends and support networks that have put their faith in me.

I’m passionate about making my family proud.

3 thoughts on “Pride

  1. Christo, you have plenty of time to accomplish your goals. I began college part-time at age 26 with a fulltime job and a family. I graduated with honors at 40 and completed my masters while teaching fulltime and caring part-time for my husband, who was a quadriplegic. My mother got her GED when she was in her forties and graduated top of her nursing class at 45. My sister earned her degree as a single mother…You can do it!


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