The Light in the Tunnel

Freedom hangs like heaven over everyone


My time on the inside is passing by

And I can start to see the light

At the end of the tunnel

And while some learn

To love these walls

For me every step is agony

And that light

Looks so brilliant and true

That I simply can’t wait

It seems to me

That after six years among

The worst of society

Everyone will seem so nice

And to see the sun every day

Without the backdrop of bars and fences

Will be like fresh air to a drowning man

Oh to arrive in the little smoke

With nothing but purpose

And plans carefully formulated

In the reflections of time

Can finally find their feet

And oh, to have women in my life

Of all creeds, shapes and sizes

To share in the wonder

Of Western opulence

The joys of which

Only become clear

When freedom is lost

Forgive me if I see things

Through rose colored glasses

But back here on earth

Even at its worst

Freedom can only be

A huge improvement

So I grind on through thick and thin

Tick off the days one by one

And dream of the light

Shimmering and wondrous

When my real life begins

Throughout my lengthy jail sentence, despite many saying “Don’t count the time, make the time count” I counted down the days right up until release.

Freedom hangs like heaven over everyone on the inside and haunts us with the ghosts of what could have been had we made better choices in our lives.

You start to realize just how blessed we are to live in times of peace and prosperity and little things like shopping at a super market or walking in a straight line for more than 100 meters become fabled things of beauty.

6 thoughts on “The Light in the Tunnel

  1. Absolutely right. We all who have known restrictions and limits truly do realise the blessings that abound as we enjoy ordinary basic freedoms that many take for granted.
    Very well narrated poem throughout.
    The picture is excellent


    1. Thank you Cheryl for the kind words, I am indeed enjoying the freedom though it does come with it’s challenges. Really brightens my day to know someone likes my work. Have a wonderful weekend, take care:)


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