I’ll never again take my sanity state for granted.


When I first got locked up

 My mind was glass

That had shattered

Under the pressure of insanity

But slowly

Through force of will

I’ve pieced it back together

And sealed it with concrete

So nothing gets to me

Not the violence

The drugs or the bitching

The captivity or the politics

I’ve got a concrete soul

That keeps me safe

In troubled waters

And when the sharks challenge me

I know they couldn’t begin

To comprehend the trauma

And the struggle I faced

Should the demons return

Of madness in the mind

I know this time

I’ll be stronger

And smarter

And less afraid

So that the world

Never gets too much

And I can live free

Of the weight of it all

It’s difficult to explain and difficult to comprehend the extent to which I lost my mind around the time I got locked up. Madness is not a pleasant state of being and I thank my lucky stars that as badly as I lost the plot a found my feet again and pulled though to a better state of things.

Doing time I eventually found a resilience in my self that carried me through with my mind in tact and saved my soul from suicide or despondency.

I’ll never again take my positive, sane state of mind for granted.

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