Hot Water Music

I’m a man of contrasts…



Called it

Hot water music

And lately

In my down time

More and more

I’m turning to classical

To caress my thoughts

As I plan my future

And I dream

Oh how I dream

Of relaxing

With a glass of red wine

The radio tuned into classical

As I type up my manuscript

On a summers eve

In the courtyard

Of my Mothers house

Call it maturity

Or a softening of the soul

And I still love my punk rock

But Brahms and Bach

Chopin and Mozart

Are easing the load

As I do my time

During my time I came across a radio and for reasons unknown, as a card carrying punk rock fan, I started listening to classical. It really helped set a mood in my cell of peace and blissful solitude.

I’m still typing up my manuscript and listening to classical as I do it. I draw the line with the high brow at Opera and the line with the low brow at heroin.

I’m a man of contrasts…

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