Black Mystery

I have faith in my intuition to guide me to calm waters.


As far as the eye can see

All ahead is black mystery and death

I trust intuition to see me through

The survival instinct strong in me

I know at all times what I must do

And a dogged evil haunts me

Will I ever truly be free?

Of the deeds and days

Spent locked away

Fate explodes with each passing moment

With each breath life begins again

And life cascades into the realm of the unexpected

A fog of war hangs over the future

On the other side of the prison gate

One way addiction

One way mediocrity

One way profound meaning

And always the goal

To move towards the stars of love

Only time will tell

So I work on myself

Look for the cure

Of my troubled soul ills

And swim in a sea

Of black mystery and death

I like to think that the survival instinct is strong in me; I have narrowly escaped death several times and always seem to pull through whatever hardships life throws my way. The course my life would take post release was a profound mystery to me and is still not certain. I feel like there are traps everywhere leading to mediocrity, misery and even death so I work hard to keep on the right track.

I have faith in my intuition to guide me to calm waters.

3 thoughts on “Black Mystery

    1. Thanks again Cheryl, I’m trying to do everything right and find meaning as well as just work. Your kindness helps me feel like I’m on track, much appreciated:)


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