Stars Above

Next time I’ll do everything perfectly.


Just imagine

That all that light was illumination

The dance of time, no hesitation

To weave our souls into

A tapestry of life so true

That all the pain is washed away

With a perfect kiss on a perfect day

Golden ribbons on the best surprise

Of no regrets til the day I die

Because I loved one so fair

That nothing could budge my desire

To smell the soft scent of her hair

An endless flame then a wild fire

So our souls float on

Through time and space

Til they collide

An explosion of harmony

The ultimate answer

To the meaning of life

That we shared love

The best thing in this life

As we watch the stars up above

I don’t do a lot of rhyming stuff but this one felt right. The girl it was meant for is no longer in my life and I’m at peace with that. In the book 1984 the love of the protagonist is the last thing to fall as the horror of his life unfolds, for me no matter how hard life got I never lost sight of the passion I had for this remarkable woman and it’s easy in some ways knowing that she will be happier without me.

Next time I’ll do everything perfectly and never lose the next great love of my life


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