Stay Positive

We’ve earned a little respite from the cruel sea.


An ocean of guilt

Paradise lost

The vessel of our content

Sunk into the merciless sea

Every mistake

Now our own infinite failure

And as quality of life

Comes creeping back in

We protect it with fire

We’ve done the hard yards

We’ve paid our dues

We all deserve this

Our souls to wander unfettered

Let synapses fire like fire works

Let the golden laughter fill our dreams

Let us be the best version of our selves

And be safely anchored

Until we return from the sea

We wear our scars like a suit of armor

We’re a strong clan you see

We are what we need to be

And me the zero son

The sword of our collective wills

So come with us

Heads held high

As our fresh wings

Let us soar ever higher

Live positive

Or die trying

When you get locked up you’re not only hurting yourself you hurt all your friends, loved ones and support networks. When I got arrested it was paradise lost for my family, nothing would ever be the same again. But we did the hard yards, my family kept supporting me and I did my time and repaid my debt to society. I feel like we’ve earned a little respite from the cruel sea and who knows what heights of happiness and content we can reach in the future.

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