Chilli Peppers

Writing helps me process the bad times and find the silver lining.


4 beers deep

And I feel like Bukowski

And his Hot Water Music

But for its smashing pumpkins

And it amuses me to think

Of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers

And Meatloaf

And all the other food bands

Korn, Emimem’s and Bizkits

We used to laugh about them

The Cranberries and Pearl Jam

At the nightmare chef job

Where we worked 13 hrs no breaks

While I slowly died inside

A little more each day

No one ever told me

Psych meds make you drowsy

Desperately trying

To keep my head above water

It goes with all the other

Little miseries that make up my past

So I bleed onto the page

And feel cleansed

Of some of the hurt

This life has given me

Shortly before getting locked up I was working as an apprenticeship in an up market restaurant. I was lucky for the opportunity but trying to do chef work while taking Seroquel was a seriously bad idea. We worked hard and one day started thinking about thinking about Salt’n’Pepa, Hall and Oates and all the food bands. It was a welcome mood of light heartedness in another wise miserable period in my life.

Writing helps me process some of the bad times and find the silver lining.

3 thoughts on “Chilli Peppers

  1. Very skillfully evoked. It’s another poignantly expressed chapter in your life offering insights to your readers and showing how writing can be expressive cathartic and healing and simply pleasurable and rewarding too for its own sake


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