Strange and Significant

A life well lived life is a rare and beautiful thing



Let the sunshine

Burn away my mask

Let the rain

Wash away my past

Let me be what I am

The warrior poet

The wayward son

The Canberran through and through

The finder of fun

In otherwise fruitless days

Laid back in a winters haze

And we all work hard

In our own special way

To do something real

To not waste the day

For me it’s the pen

For some it’s the sounds

The euphonic bliss

Of riffs by the pound

Catharsis is what I seek

Processing the years of pain

When all was bleak

My best years down the drain

And you’ll find in time

That all is both

Profound and meaningless

Everything and nothing

At the same time

And on quiet day

On planet earth

More happens than could fill

A million pages of prose

So we try to catch a little

And bring reason and rhyme

To the tiny part of it

That we can see and touch

And maybe we’ll be lucky

And life might be

Strange and significant

Rich in meaning and light

And something truly beautiful

I am perpetually in awe of the scale and complexity of human activity on planet earth. A mind blowing amount of lives all seeking dignity and meaning, living out infinite permutations of behavior. It’s profound and ordinary at the same time. I truly feel that a life well lived life is a rare and beautiful thing and something definitely worth aspiring to.

The world is an amazing place.

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