Dream of me

The friends and loves that kept in touch are angels in my eyes.

5 years deep in the slammer

And still I think of her

She didn’t answer my letter

I may never see her again

But I feel

Like no one would compare

To building a life with her

I see her in my dreams

And I’m saying all the things

It was never the right time to say

It’s been four years

Since I saw her face

But I remember it clear as day

A half Indonesian, half Anglo princess

The sweetest kind of light

That she pours into the world

She might be married

Might have kids

But I still hope

That she will think of me sometimes

And remember the light we shared

I write a lot of poems about the one that got away. It’s a painful fact of serious jail time that you lose 90 percent of your friends and former loves. They say the quantity of relationships goes down but the quality goes up and those friends and loves that kept in touch are angels in my eyes.

I hope that when I dream that I’m telling her how I feel that she dreams she’s listening to me.


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