Draw the line

Try everything once.


I’ve tried just about every drug

Weed, Ecstasy, Mushrooms

Acid, Cocaine, Ice

But I draw the line

At heroin

I’ve listened to just about every genre

Punk, Rock, Rap

Jazz, Country, Classical

But I draw the line

At opera

I’m too posh for jail

Too jail for posh

But I like to think

I live a life

Rich in experiences

Without being too extreme

Posh with the family

Wild with the mates

Until I settle on a lifestyle

That works more for those around me

Than any other way

I haven’t touched an illegal substance in two and a half years, which takes a fair amount of self-discipline, but back in the day I tried everything once except heroin. Some of the more soulless inmates tried to convince me to try it saying “Once you try heroin, nothing else will matter”. That seemed like a good reason to not try it.

Try everything once that doesn’t lower you moral fiber or open doors for misery to seep in.

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