Set Sail

I no longer feel like a broken sailor


When I draw

And make art with the pen

I often draw

Anchors and lighthouses

Because there’s something

About the idea

Of being safe at sea

Through the worst of storms

And being safe from the sharks

The white whale and the kraken

That appeals to me

The aesthetic of

Lonely old sailors

Reminds me of my own story

Lost at sea in the local jail

Waiting for the chance

To return to shore

I often send

These drawings to

My eldest brother

And I’m sure

As much as he likes them

That he doesn’t understand

How rough the sea

Of my life has been

It’s no secret I love the nautical aesthetic and think of my time in prison as being lost at sea waiting to be released and return to dry land. Thinking of anchors helped me feel that during the hard years I was never going to succumb to the desperate misery of the place.

My eldest brother has been a rock of moral support and being incarcerated the only gift I could give him for his birthdays were a drawing so somehow the yearly anchor has become a tradition.

I made it through my time and I no longer feel like a broken sailor.

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