That Fate May Smile

May we all be blessed with a kinder fate.


Star crossed lovers

Dance to the beat of eternity

Original sin, paradise lost

And the mystery of death

All coalesce

Into the beauty and rapture

Of fresh seeds sown

In the womb of the universe

And all yearn

For gods love

That fate may smile

Upon the wounds we cause

Ourselves and our loved ones

As we tread blindly

Through this cursed existence

With little more

Than the torch light of consciousness

That perceives but a drop

Of all that takes place

On planet earth

Oh that we could see

The echoes of our future

In the deeds of the present

That we could steer our lives

To greener pastures

Take heart

For there is always

A better path we can take

And you never know

The future could hold

Untold bliss

And the light of all creation

May shine upon you

For the rest of your time

Until we put this flesh

Back into the earth

The image for this poem is a drawing done by a close friend, I asked if he would mind if I put some words to his art and this is what I came up with. I think it’s one of the better ones of my new work.

This encapsulates a lot of the things I think about, eternity and death, consciousness and the vastness of human activity on earth.

May we all  be blessed with a kinder fate than what the cruel world so often dishes out.

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