The Sweetest Fruit on the Vine

I hope I never lose sight of how special freedom really is.


Freedom blooms

Like the sweetest fruit on the vine

As life opens up

Like the finest champagne

And god knows

I’ve earned my taste

Of the nectar of everyday paradise

Future echoes

Resonate sweetly

Deeds done today

Grow exponential

In the quality

Of future life

The whisky and women

The bottles and bros

Exotic sensations

The bliss denied for so long

In the longest time

The longest line

Of patience unheard of

In the lives of ordinary men

So bring on the present

Forget the past

And engineer the future

Into a world of contentment

Dance like no one is watching

Live like a perfect prince

Do what you love

And love what you do

It could all be over

In a heartbeat

So I drink my fill

Of the elixir of life

The world forever ours

Forever lost

Forever found


I’m really enjoying the everyday paradise that is life on the outside. You don’t know how special all the privilege and affluence of the Western world is until you lose everything. No happy without sad, no warm without cold and the contrast makes everything amazing.

I used a few clichés in this one but I think they were ones worth using.

I hope I never lose sight of how special freedom really is.

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