Broken Sailors

Beware the sharks of all different kinds.


We all know

What Hemingway knew

That the sharks always win

That even the most skillful sailor

Is still at the mercy of the sea

And if it’s not the sharks

It’s the kraken from the deep

And we fight

Oh how we fight

To make it back to shore

To taste home and safe harbors

Safe from the merciless sea

We snap oars

We lose fish hooks

The compass fails

The mast breaks

And the clouds hide the stars

So that only the chosen few

The lovers and fighters

That make love and make war

Can say they saw

The horrors beneath the waves

And made it out alive

So I sit in my cursed vessel

Anchored and hopeful

That the sharks, the waves, the kraken and the storms

Will pass me by

As I mourn my way home

The sunset behind me

The sunrise ahead

This is my first post in two weeks, I moved house and have been super busy trying to find furniture and essentials while keeping up work, gym and social life.

I thought I’d kick things off some new nautical stuff. Beware the sharks of all different kinds.

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