What Nitro Means

Some people talk about “The Crunch” I feel I’ve been there more than most.


When you’ve done half a brick

In the local slammer

You might know what nitro means

When you’ve injected

Meth amphetamine

You’re getting closer

When you’ve told some of your story

At 4am

You’re getting warmer

When you’ve gone toe to toe

In the middle of a cell

You’re getting close

When you’ve walked on the highway

Been hit by a semi-trailer

You’re almost there

And when you’ve broken the hearts

Of everyone you once knew

You will know what nitro means

And live like there’s no tomorrow

The wild style makes me smile

And I live like a man

Who knows what nitro means

The concept for this poem is taken from a song by The Offspring, before they started making commercial garbage. I really have done all these things and I try to live with the possibility of it all being over close to my heart and hence make the absolute most of this life I have been blessed not to lose.

Some people talk about “The Crunch”, and I feel I’ve been there more than most.

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