Guardian Angel

In jail it was necessary to build a tough exterior to survive


I am my own

Guardian angel

Protecting my inner self

With the staunch spirit of manhood

It could all have proved to be

Too much to handle

But my courage swung into action

Turning fear into love

Stress into motivation

And vulnerability into strength

That unbreakable spirit

Kept the wolves at the door fed

The ghosts banished

And the flame of love alive

And isn’t it always true

That a duality exists

Strong but weak

Weak but strong

Loved but hated

Hated but loved

So I work hard on the flaws

Of my inner self

Until the two dragons

Of the surface and the deep

The ying and yang

Flow into one whole

Both at peace and at war

Nurturing the parts of me

That relentlessly strive for the good

Until it’s safe enough

For them to walk tall

Completely authentic

I am my own salvation

Blessed be the warrior spirit

Even though I’ve done a lot of time and have a red blooded male temper, there’s a softer side to me that I had to protect in order to leave jail with my soul intact as an unbroken spirit.

There’s a divide between who I am on the surface and who I am inside, in jail it was necessary to build a tough exterior to survive and that’s a part of who I am but there’s a softer part of my soul as well.

I look forward to the time when the two converge and I am fully authentic in my life.

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