This Fragile Vessel

Life is shocking in its fragility at some points and incredible resilience at other times.


Celebrate my patience

A fight both new and ancient

Transforming a life on the ropes

Into a perfect beacon of hope

The beasts that lurk in the depths

Of the mind don’t bite for I am blessed

With a concrete heart and an iron lung

Golden teeth and silver tongue

Be wary though this vessel is fragile

Life is scary, demons agile

So that some feel the sweet embrace

Of the big release to meet their fate

Beneath the waves with the giant squid

The white whale or the shark tooth grin

So fight like a wildcat to reach the surface

If your vessels capsized and left you hopeless

You’ve never lost is you never give up

So fight hard, take heart, life is enough

These battles we face will make or break us

Save harbor awaits so be relentless

And never, ever, ever give up.

It’s no secret I’m in love with nautical metaphors and aesthetic, some of it owes to a book that captured my imagination about the colossal squid, the closes thing to the kraken that exists.

Life itself is a vessel shocking in its fragility at some points and incredible resilience at other times. The hard times can make or break us but the most important thing for me is no matter how hard things get to never give up and never stop trying to make the most of the gift of life.

2 thoughts on “This Fragile Vessel

  1. Christo, I love this poem…so many beautiful lines! ❤ "concrete heart and an iron lung, golden teeth, and a silver tongue"
    "this vessel is fragile. Life is scary, demons agile" And the last line is a perennial favorite, never, ever, ever give up."

    All the best! Cheryl

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