The Truth My Love

I still think about her often.


The truth is my love

That I would look for you

In the eyes of other women

And the truth is

We were much too young

When our love blossomed and grew

Into an everyday miracle

Of something truly special

And we didn’t know what we had

Until it was lost

The truth is my love

That now

We may have lost it forever

But still a flame burns within me

A fledgling candle

Dancing in the breeze

Fragile yet unbreakable

The truth is my love

That I’ll leave a light on

As long as I live

For a love this pure

Resilient and wonderful

Comes only once in a lifetime

And every woman that comes along

I will forever compare with your glow

That lit up my world

Like nothing else has

The truth is my love

That my heart still burns for you

And always will

I have a lot of poems about the most special woman I’ve ever met and about losing her while I was locked up.

All the clichés are true for me, that every love song reminds me of her and that she’ll always be my favourite girl.

Deep down I know it’s for the best that she had a less volatile and bitter man in her life and that it’s better for me to move on but I still think about her often.

2 thoughts on “The Truth My Love

  1. Our relationships and our memories are an integral part of who we are. I would not want to be in a relationship with someone who felt threatened by my memories. This is a lovely poem and tribute to someone special to you. 🙂 Take care, Cheryl


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