Modern Life Is War

I’m ready for anything.


Superb the glory

Of a milestone reached

And a flawless victory

Over the devil of life

6 months no issues

And a life well lived

In the eye of the storm

So that all the chaos

Never bites

If modern life is war

Consider me a soldier

Ready to live

Ready to die

Ready for anything

And always searching

For the light fantastic

To carry me away

To greener pastures

And my very own

Slice of heaven

Through it all

The pain, the remorse, the regret

Hope kept me afloat

So I forged on

To reach the very special place

Opening up tom me

As freedom rains down

On my desert soul

This is the good bit

This is the party we came for

This is our one shot at life

This is our world to live in

The beginning and ending of everything

Every time I reach a milestone, such as 6 months of parole finished I give myself a pat on the back. It’s harder than you would think avoiding the kind of behavior that winds you back in jail.

Life keeps getting better in increments and the present state of affairs is the bliss I was dreaming of for the entire time I was locked up.

A thousand different could happen in the future so I keep up the pace and make sure I’m ready for anything.

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