Heroes 2 – Fat Mike

Long live Mike Burkett.


When I was a teenager

My hero was Fat Mike

The singer of NOFX

I had all their CD’s

Even the old stuff

And I still know all the words

To their 18 minute song ‘The Decline’

As Mitch Clem pointed out

Their only album that doesn’t have

At least one terrible song

‘The Longest Line’

Was the second sing I ever learned on guitar

Fat Mike had a record label

‘Fat Wreck Chords’

That signed half of all

My favourite bands

And all the CD’s

Were $10 bucks

Instead of $30 for everything else

I had their poster on my wall

And used to quote the onstage banter

Of their live album

With my punk rock mates

They covered the song ‘Vincent’

The first song to ever make me cry

They lost something of their magic

As they grew into middle age

But their stuff still moves me to this day

I still think about Fat Mike

In high school everyone knew me as the kid in the NOFX shirt and I still listen to them after all these years and follow them on the web as they age disgracefully.

Fat Mike’s record label combined with Epitaph records helped define the punk genre through the 90s,00s and to this day and  the 90’s punk wave helped define who I am as a human being.

Long live Mike Burkett.

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