Heroes 3 – Tom Gable/Laura Jane Grace

Tom Gable changed gender in a move that surprised, shocked and even delighted some.


When I was a young man

My hero was Tom Gable

The singer of Against Me!

I even loved the solo stuff

Saw him play at a youth centre

And Against Me! at ‘The Green Room’

Me and my mate locked shoulders

And sang the oh way oh’s of their best song

My mate didn’t believe me

When I told him they had signed

To a major record label

And where I had previously disowned Greenday

I forgave then and listen to ‘New Wave’

As I walked around Paris

Tom is a woman now

Calls himself Laura Jane Grace

I’m still processing it

It’s not that I care about his gender

I just liked him so much as Tom

I hope he’s found his peace

Tortured as he was

‘Joy’ and ‘Cliché Guevera’

Are still all time favourites

Listening to his/her stuff

Fills me with a thousand thoughts

And myriad emotions

I still think about Tom Gable

Punk rock idol number 3, Tom Gable, changed gender in a move that surprised, shocked and even delighted some. Cynics thought it was a way of recovering alternative culture credibility but I think he just had a feeling he would be more real and content with the choice.

Against Me!s early stuff I found to be profoundly moving and poetic, I still listen to them to this day.

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