Forever Golden, Golden Forever

The golden path is no longer paradise lost.

October 2020

Hold on to what’s golden

7 months no breaches

A job and a place of my own

That’s how gravy’s made

New friends, new connections

Precious Banter

Sacred good cheer

And all that hard work is rewarded

So move forward

Let the soul sing

And everything

Improves with time

Let the soul find

New pathways to well being

New moments exploding

With the ripe juice of the modern life fruit

Passion, pride, power

Be brave as we progress

Behave and keep rolling

The hard yards are done

The horrors subsided

The river of shit gives way

To the forest of hope

New dreams and all seems

Golden forever

Forever golden

All the effort put in over the past 7 months is starting to bear fruit. The hard work I’ve done  at my blue collar job driving a forklift is giving me the money to rent my own place and the care and attention I’ve carried with my social life is opening doors to a lot more fun and friendship in life.

There’s still so far to go to really be living a truly good life and to make amends with my old friends and family but I feel like things couldn’t be much better this early on in the course of freedom.

The golden path is no longer a paradise lost but a treasure to be discovered.

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