Broken Dreams

Time heals so let it pass without trauma.


Can I ever really heal?

The wounds I caused my family

As we tentatively navigate

Our world of broken dreams

Will my mother ever be the same?

Knowing the deeds that led me to jail

And knowing the deeds that took place in that jail

The good son and brother, the best of our clan

Lost his great love

In the furnace of our troubles

And all is forever blackened

By the weight of our regrets

I owe it to my kin

To never take my foot off the brakes

In the challenge to make something more of myself

Other than the cause of black misery and death

When you get locked up you’re not just hurting yourself, you’re hurting your friends, family and loved ones that all suffer in various ways as you struggle through your time.

My crime hurt those around me and it burns to think of it but the opposite effect is true when you start to kick goals during and after jail.

I’ll never forget telling my folks I got second prize in the prison creative writing comp or buying my mother a watch with my first pay check at a real job on the outside.

Time heals so let it pass without trauma and slowly mend our souls.

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