Warrior Poet

At the end of the day we do it for the love.


Sometimes I wonder

Why all my life

I’ve been a creative type

And it clicks and makes sense

That it’s all a way

Of tricking the world

Into loving me

It’s a way of being something more

Than just a 9 to 5 drone

I’m not a blue collar worker

I’m a warrior poet

Cos which would you rather be?

And weaving webs of meaning

Searching the ether

For profound understanding and wisdom

Of the world around us

Seems like a better vocation

Than watching reruns of

American sitcoms and reality TV shows

So as always

I bleed onto the page

Lock the rage inside a cage

Seek meaning through my art

So the world knows my story

Look and play the part

Of a quest for lyrical glory

These patterns on the page

Give me hope

And pride

And a better life

Than just scraping by

It seems to me that pretty commonly achievement and creativity is in some way or another a way of tricking the world into loving us. Writing books and poetry, making music and visual art often seem pointless from a financial or survival perspective but we do it for the love, attention and status that we get in return.

At the end of the day we do it for the love.

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