Nothing much gets to me.


Nobody knows my troubles but god

Well that’s not true

My city knows my soul

And I hear them whisper

“That’s Christo”

A small town celebrity

And nothing I haven’t done

A punk rock musician

They said in the news

But I’m so much more

The warrior poet

Lover, brother, son

The wild one

The life unique

And a spark in my soul

That’s blessed me with

Friends for life

And a strange and formidable reputation

The nightmare cards were dealt

Lucky to be alive

And I intend

To take full advantage

Of that fact

And live life to the fullest

So god bless this mess

Strive to be the best

Rise like cream to the top

Of my corner of the world

Laugh and dance and play

Forever til kingdom come

God bless this mess. As painful as it’s been for too many years without the hard times I wouldn’t have found the place I’m in at the moment where nothing much gets to me and the future looks brighter and brighter.

Canberra is a small city and it’s true that people occasionally recognize me from the news, I dream that someday I’ll move to an oasis of anonymity and leave the stigma of jail far behind me.

One thought on “Celebrity

  1. Christo, I don’t know if this is a true story. I heard it a long time ago. A man in the American West was punished for stealing sheep. They branded his forehead with the letters, “ST” for “sheep thief.” The man reformed and lived a life of good deeds. Many years passed. A stranger who came to town asked what the letters stood for. The local paused for a moment and answered, “I think they stand for “saint.”

    I don’t think you aspire to sainthood, but I think you are well on your way to becoming the man you want to be. ❤

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