9 To 5

Every victory is its own infinite glory.


Sanguine and satisfied

Cos I’m holding down the 9 to 5

Pay cheques and prospects

References and resumes

Work smarter not harder

And keep the boss sweet as I find my feet

The dizzying heights

Of the endless mundane

Getting by and keeping sane

As I forge on through

The light of recovery

From the hardest time

Freedom sublime

And some that share

The cross to bear

Of the weight of our regrets

Destiny manifest

So walk on

Head held high

Stiff upper lip

Take pride

In the bravery on show

In the fog of the great unknown

And every victory

Is infinite glory

So wish me luck

As I tell my story

There’s a lyric from one of my favourite bands; ‘Against Me!!’ that goes: “Every mistake is now our own infinite failure”. So it makes sense that the opposite is true that every victory is its own infinite glory.

My life is incredibly mundane in some ways and an epic adventure in others, wish me luck as I chase down a life rich in meaning and joy.

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