Never Again

Temptation is everywhere.


Healthy, wealthy and wise

Success the ultimate prize

And I give myself two years

To go from zero to hero

Repair the damage

And create grandkids

And oh the pain some still remains

6 years of life down the drain

And they all want to know

What it’s like on the inside

Scarily easy

So you no longer fear it

And were it not

For the team in my corner

The supportive family

The friends and co workers

And the angels of the system

It would be easy to slip up

Fall down and get locked up

But I’m cunning

I stalk the beast of temptation

And fire off rounds of will

The only good kind of kill

So that my mother

Never again

Has to see her son through prison glass

Recently I was lucky enough to spend a weekend with  my uber successful older brother, and learned a lot about success and life skills. I love my job driving a forklift but I have aspirations to be something more. Study and hard work lie ahead.

At the same time it takes work to keep on the straight and narrow, temptation is everywhere and one slip up could lead me back to jail.  

I do the right thing for my family and friends that have showed faith and support from day one.

3 thoughts on “Never Again

    1. Thanks again Cheryl, I actually wrote a book about my experience on the inside that I’m still typing up. The plan is try to get that published first then maybe a book of poetry. Honestly there’s just not enough hours in the day for everything I want to do, but that’s a good problem to have. Take care:)


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