That Summer..

Bring on the summer.


I have a feeling

That this summer

Will be special

Like the New Years of old

Looking for a countdown kiss

And I know

We’ll drink some

We always do

And the first Christmas at home

In six long years

Is a joy that few know

Bring on the beer bong

The goon of fortune

And the silver pillow

Let’s mess with our mates

When they pass out on the floor

With textas and tattoo guns

Let love blossom

Pairing up with the beautiful women

That we’ve always dreamed of

Dancing like kings

And trying new things

In the warm glow

That a house party brings

And this time I won’t

Take it for granted

For a good social scene

Is a marvelous thing

Corona all but conquered

In our part of the world

So no hesitation to see

Where the night leads us

We’ll improve our lives

And slowly claw our way back

To the best version of ourselves

As the summer heat

Incubates our luck

Running amok

In the city of my birth

We are the soul

Of this experimental city

It’s been a long time since a summer has held so much potential for me.

In Australia we have a game called ‘Goon of fortune’ where you clip a bag of cask wine to a Hills Hoist clothes line and spin it around like Wheel of Fortune and whoever it lands on drinks. I happen to have one in my backyard and friends coming around on the weekend so we may relive our youth and have a crack at it.

The city of Canberra is an experiment in many ways, special planning, architecture and features and I feel that the social scenes that rise and fall are the soul of this town.

Bring on the summer.

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