I endlessly wonder if everything happens for a reason.


Highs and lows

Still no one knows

Just when it happens

That it’s your time to go

And me I’m nothing

If not a survivor

So I live without fear

Live like there’s no tomorrow

And learn like I’ll live forever

I always find

The silver lining

And the glass half full perspective

And while I’m not exactly where

I would’ve wanted

At age sixteen

But it could have been

A thousand times worse

Glass half full

The push and pull

Of freewill vs fate

There are programmes

In my head

That sent me to hell

And programmes

That got me through that hell

To a place that’s strange and significant

Let the summer sun

Burn away the filth

Let the ocean

Wash away the dirt

Of a decade of misfortune

And bad decisions

Make no mistake

Life is as beautiful

As it is ugly

And maybe we all fall

In between the good and the bad

And reach a certain kind of perfection

In our dying breath

Where all of a sudden

It all makes sense

And there’s nothing left

To meet the angels and embrace

The mystery of eternity

I borrowed the learn like you’ll live forever line from a good friend who says it often. I believe that we need novelty and new information to live well cognitively.

It’s a beautiful thing to evolve and change in the light of freedom and inner strength. Every day a decade of misery gives way to a future of hope and content.

I really like the idea of reaching perfection in our dying breath and I endlessly wonder if everything happens for a reason or if life is just chaos.

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