Merry Christmas

Fresh knowledge is a highly desirable commodity.


Make love and war

Fight fire with water

And never ever forget

The way things could have been

Forget the regrets as we progress now

Forget the blood spilled

And time stolen

Because things could always be worse

Each new chapter

Better than the last

Work hard, live fast

Time heals all wounds

So let the past be the past

New friends and networks

The nourishment given

By fresh knowledge

Fresh synapses firing

Dopamine no longer a memory

Contentment no longer an impossible dream

So Merry Christmas and happy New Year

It gets better from here

And god bless us all

Pioneers of modern reality

Relentlessly unfolding around us

I seem to have recovered from the depression that was eating away at me. Yesterday was my first Christmas with family and presents and all the wonderful food in 7 years and it was everything I had hoped for.

I have a theory that fresh information, new people, places and circumstances helps your mental acuity so fresh knowledge is a highly desirable commodity.

Things continue to get better living free, let’s hope the trend continues.

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