This year I’ve improved more than most.


The path of the righteous

Isn’t always easy

Everyday throws out

Challenges and ordeals

But we remain firm

Never admit defeat

Never give up

Never give in

To vice, to hate, to mediocrity

Watch me soar like an eagle

Over the rooftops and gardens

Of my city

The bush capital

My lover and destroyer

All at once

Take two of these poems

And call me in the morning

We’ll see who’s fairest, best and most improved

As we embrace the New Year on the horizon

The usual resolutions

Hit the gym more

Cook more

And finally get a girlfriend

Watch me glide back

To life at ground level

I’ve seen the lay of the land

I know where my demons hide

I know myself and know my pride

That keeps me clinging on

To the endless possibilities

Of life in the modern world

Life for anyone is far from perfect, mine perhaps further than most but we’re working on it and working hard.

While I’m still not far from the bottom of the food chain in terms of success, money and prestige I like to think I’ve improved more than most over the course of the year.

4 thoughts on “Pride

  1. I don’t know much about your writing but on the first read, I think it is interesting, self-aware, and passionate, all the ingredients of the successful poet/writer.

    I would like to see how you are developing, and so I will follow.


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