A Life Well Lived

Stalk the prey of contentment like a relentless wolf.


Forget the past

Let the future be where

We focus the gaze

Of this consciousness caper

One thing at a time

One foot in front of the other

On this journey towards

The life less ordinary

And the bliss of achievement

Let the mistakes be forgotten

They can’t be changed

And plot a course towards

A better life

A better crowd

Than the assholes that abound

Let us race towards

The best version of our selves

And a life of passion

Worthwhile vocation

And relationships that bloom

Like the sweetest flowers

And it’s true

It takes time to build

But what else is there

Than to chase that light

With a hunger divine

Be patient young apprentice

Work hard and stress less

You just might find yourself

On the golden path

We once thought lost

Take pride that we’re arrived

In the land of paradise

That is a life well lived

What else is there but to stalk the prey of contentment like a relentless wolf? It takes time, patience and will power to get it within your sights but once there you should never let it go.

If I can find the joy of a life being well lived with all my baggage and trials than surely for an average joe it’s completely achievable.

Squeeze every drop out of this life, it’s the only one you’ve got.

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