Perfect Day

I’m on track to recover some of the joy of living I had as a younger man.


A truly perfect day

I’d be proposing to

The love of my life

Under the Eiffel Tower

As it lights up at night

We’d walk around Paris in the rain

And drink all night

Falling ever deeper in love

But back on planet earth

Keeping within the realms of possibility

Today was pretty close to perfect

A solid days work

A coffee with a beautiful  stranger

Pizza and a parents approval

The gym and a quiet night

In the bliss of solitude

All this calm

This nourishing of the soul

Is as new as the dawn

As fragile as a snowflake

And as precious as a gem

Let this be

Just the beginning

Of recapturing

The love of life

I had as a youth

And the inner peace

That’s eluded me this past decade

Let love grow tall

In every direction

And maybe, just maybe

I’ll be a peace with the world

For years and years to come

If you were to ask me what would be a perfect day for me, you’d be asking two questions, a perfect day if anything was possible or a perfect day that could realistically actually happen.

As the poem says I had a wonderful day this week mostly because of a date with a stunning woman I met on tinder.

I recently showed a mate some photos from ten years ago and he was struck by the fact I actually looked happy. I feel like I’m on track to recover some of that joy of living I had when I was younger.

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