Lost At Sea

Some never make it back to dry land.


Every step

Takes us further from home

And try as we might

To swim against the tide

We inevitably find ourselves

Lost at sea

Fighting to steer clear

Of the relentless sharks

Pray they don’t smell blood

And that rescue comes

God knows it happens

Rarely enough

The only thing

That can save our souls

Is to share the burden

With a fellow human

Taking the pain away

Creating meaning

And a sense of home once lost

Where all was black misery

Blessed be the lighthouse

The life raft and the light fantastic

Guiding us home

If we are so blessed

As to escape

From the ongoing horrible sea

Every now and then I like to maintain the occasional nautical aesthetic in my work.

We all leave the nest of home sooner or later and often find ourselves without that sense of security for months and years until we finally settle down and create a home of our own.

Some never make it back to dry land, unfulfilled bachelors until death; some lose their life to the prison walls.

I count myself among the blessed that the possibility of finding a sense of home is still alive.

10 thoughts on “Lost At Sea

  1. I love this poem! I t is profoundly poignant, perfect in every way. I think you are going to have a wonderful future because not only you have talent but you are a nice person. It helps.


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  2. I love this; I hope you look at my last 4 posts — they are all related — about a dreadful event which is why I find so much meaning in yours: ‘to share the burden’ and ‘Blessed be the lighthouse’ ; this poem came for me at just the right time πŸ™‚

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    1. Hi John, so glad you enjoyed this poem, I read your posts and can see the correlation. Temper is indeed a thing to be wary of, a moment of wrath can change your entire life for the worse. Thanks for taking an interest, best wishes mate:)

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