Grey Hairs

As you get older life gets more complex.


Sometimes the long years I lost on the inside

Sting a little

In the fabric of my soul

When I got locked up

I was a young man

Now I’m staring middle age

Square in the face

Grey hairs and back pain

And I still remember cassettes

The dating game is different

In your mid thirties

They all want something real

And so do I

But I don’t have the time to burn

On relationships that don’t work out

All the old friends

Have changed, got married

Had kids and careers

Home loans and holidays

And I’m starting from scratch

Working overtime to catch up

But the rat race is brutal

So I shoulder my cross

At ease with my burden

Work hard and smart

To make this life that stings

A little kinder to my troubled mind

Run your own race

Anything else would lead to despair

As I count my blessings

And count my grey hairs

Nothing reminds you you’re getting old like serious back pain, an unpleasant experience that  has been happening to me with increasing regularity.

Getting older is worrying when you start to think about the possibility of being a bachelor forever if you don’t find a good woman soon.

It’s also difficult finding the right time to share my history with potential girlfriends, too late seems dishonest and too soon would see many running to the hills.

As you get older life gets more complex and filled with problems, lucky for me I have nothing else to do than try overcome all the various hardships life throws my way.

5 thoughts on “Grey Hairs

  1. From your posts, I think you’ve learned so much from your past experience. And it seems as it it has turned you into a wonderful person, so while you may feel that you’ve lost years, you have gained something that made you beautiful.

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    1. Thank you kindly, it’s one of the few positives of time that you get time to work on improving your mind and soul. I’m in a good place now and the support people show is the icing on the cake. All the best:)



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