Why I Love Vinyl

These lonely nights of poetry are permeated delightfully.


There’s just something about

A fresh piece of vinyl

That hits the spot so sweetly

And in just the right way

The artwork is huge

The liner notes always profound

And that feeling as the needle hits

Just feels so special

CD’s are soulless

Tapes too primitive

And Spotify requires

Internet and bandwidth

But a record my friend

Is a thing of beauty





So I spend the cash

I really don’t have

Without a shadow of guilt

And euphony is the result

I’m slowly building up a nice little record collection. You might think it’s too much hassle but on the contrary. Spotify requires sitting and searching in the smartphone whereas the record on the player begins with just a press of a button.

So these lonely nights of poetry are permeated delightfully with the sounds of fresh vinyl.

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