Why I Love Punk Rock

I still listen to punk rock… a lot.


There are reasons why I love punk rock

Where most of my peers prefer

Hip-hop, Metal, Dance Music and Pop

I’m a middle class white male

With a rebellious Streak

And a distaste for the mainstream

The origins of which I’ve never known

I grew up in the 90’s

When rock music was king

Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Offspring and Greenday

Gateway bands to the serious punk stuff

So punk rock is my culture

 It’s possibly the most accessible

Style of music to play

A metal guitarist takes years to be a attain

The sort of skill needed for the genre

Serious jazz musicians practice hours a day

And hip hop requires a life time to perfect a flow

But a punk rock musician

Can learn a power chord and is set

To take on the world

And what genre has a much

Focus on ethics and morals

Politics and power

Noam Chomsky quotes and vegans

Howard Zinn and The Decline of Western civilization

For an Aussie generation

With little focus on the church

Every Friday at the youth center

Was our congregation

Our sermon

Our community

Our purpose

Where we danced all night

Met heroes and Villains

And gave it our all

To the sounds of punk rock

Earlier today  I wrote something about Jazz music and why it’s not for me; I took it down upon realizing it wasn’t really in keeping with my positive outlook on things. If anyone wants to discuss the pros and cons of any genre I’m all for it but don’t take it to heart.

This photo is from a band I played drums for whilst in my late teens.

I still listen to punk rock… a lot.

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