Why I Love Books

Reading is a gift to convicts.


Reading got me through jail

I read everything

Moby Dick and Mark Twain

War and Peace and Hemingway

Irvine Welsh and Tim Winton

Were the pick of the bunch

The thing about reading is

It’s the same no matter where you are

So it’s a blessed escape

For the lonely convict

Friends on the inside

Recommend books

And friends on the outside

Recommend books

And we talk about them

And it’s heaven

It’s true

That time could be spent

Perfecting a physique

Or chasing the dollar

But learning is priceless

And healing words

Help pass the time

Without losing hope

150 books in 6 years

No regrets

No remorse

No shame

Live like you’ll die tomorrow

And learn lie you’ll live forever

And if you find yourself

With a surplus of spare time

Bunker down with a good book

And watch the hours melt away

I did a lot of reading whilst I was locked up. In truth there wasn’t much else to do. I read all sorts of stuff and the best was probably the book by a fellow ACT/Queanbeyan poet Omar Musa’s  ‘Here Come The Dogs’.

The line about learning like you’ll live forever is something a good friend often says to me.

Reading is a gift to convicts.

7 thoughts on “Why I Love Books

  1. You are a little bit inconsistent, Christo, you write wonderfully about your love of reading and good books, but you seemed uninterested in my posts in Literary Series where the latest work, published in the last 25 hours brought close to 6000 readers. and still counting. Why are you not interested? I am a professional writer, a philologist and in my own library, there are 10.000 books. There is an interesting literary post no, 2 about Hemingway, I think, you will like it.


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    1. Hey, my apologies for not having checked out your blog sooner, to be honest I’m quite time poor these days, I’m honoured that you’ve taken an interest in my work and I really enjoyed your post about Hemingway. I’ll definitely be reading more of your stuff when I have the time. All the best:)



  2. Christo, I have read a lot of books. One you mentioned that I could not make it through in high school was “Moby Dick.” I have watched the movie and I am wondering if I tried again, whether I might have more luck. I know you enjoy nautical settings, so maybe that is why it appealed to you.

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  3. Hi CN,

    Reading … five or six hours to absorb forty years of someone’s life. A week to see through the eyes of others who spent years looking. A word written by someone else is a heartbeat timed to yours. I have an idea that there is no reality without language and that language predates reality. Most of my friends think I am nuts, but someday, somewhere in the universe we will find a sort of speaking machine. This seems just as likely, to me anyway, as what others say. The truth of writing is in the reading, not the writing. Good luck and thanks. Duke


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