Old Friends

Hope springs eternal.


Red wine

Backyard tattoos

Prison tattoos

Prison stories

Stories of hope and prosperity

And always

Too many cigarettes

Not enough whisky

Not enough women

And a crushing addiction

To solitude and writing

Every day I can’t wait

To pass the time in my room alone

Just like the song

My mate cried in the front row

Gateway bands and punk rock youth

He’s a composer for film now

Another friendship destroyed

By the hard years on the inside

I thought all the old crew

Would be stoked to see me

Truth is I can count

My friends on one hand

Another wound inflicted

 By the perfect storm

Of misfortune and mismanagement

That changed things forever

God bless the old friends

I miss them like hell

Lately I’ve been feeling the pain of what my life is like compared to what it could have been like if things had been different.

I really miss my old friends and cherish the few from the old days that have kept in touch.

I’m sure it isn’t healthy that every day I can’t wait to get home to blog, nap, drink red wine and not much else.

Still I’m making progress and things could always be worse.

Hope springs eternal.

5 thoughts on “Old Friends

  1. What you need is a positive action, get as many poems as possible, and set to get it published, we can advise you on the best way. “The past is another country”. Self-pity is not going to take you anywhere..


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    1. Hey, thanks for the insight, it’s my plan to attempt getting a book I wrote on the inside published early next year, then if it goes well try for a book of poetry. This poem was a little depressing but honestly most of my stuff is relentlessly positive. Sometimes my past gets the better of me and I process things by writing about them.. but I see your point. Best wishes.



  2. Ultimately, what would completely change your life is EDUCATION. I know many examples of people coming from a very difficult background and through education becoming professors, doctors, journalists… the list is endless. Because there is a new president in the office who seems to have empathy with people and compassion if you were to write to him personally, saying what I wrote above plus mentioning his aim at uniting people, and then tell him your utmost dedication to turning your life around, about writing the poetry that is judged by others as excellent, and ask him for help, in any way he could. Finish, by pledging to never disappoint him, and even strive to become an example of his new ideology to encourage others by giving talks in schools across the country, both primary and secondary.

    There is a good chance that either he or someone smart would recognize your potential for the Democrats.But don’t wait, seize the moment!!


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    1. Again lovely to have another perspective on my work. I am in fact enrolled in a graphic design course that starts in Feb. I’m delighted that Biden got in but unfortunately I actually am Australian and live in Canberra. I like the way you think and that you see opportunities where I may not recognise them. Thanks again.



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