The future could hold a joy you never imagined.


Fixation on the negative

Never made for a life well lived

My demons chase me

But I’m too quick for them

It takes vigilance

Not to succumb to despair

The guilt and shame

Fear and self-loathing

Could overwhelm me

If I didn’t chase that dream

Of a family safe and proud

Of a life rich in meaning

So I look reality

Square in the face

And rise above

Always keeping

One step ahead of

The quicksand

The doldrums

The toil and turmoil

Dramas and dead dreams

I catch the waves of change

With my suit of armour

And nothing much gets to me

Let the haters burn

Let the liars learn

And never let the bastards get you down

God knows if they taste blood

You’ll never hear the end of it

I’m mostly a happy and psychologically healthy person but it definitely takes work to keep things that way.

My demons nearly took my life more than once and the effect my past had and continues to have on my family is a potential source of misery that I combat with positive actions and patience.

No matter who you are there’s someone doing it tougher, stay strong, the future could hold a joy you never imagined.

5 thoughts on “Demons

  1. Goodness, you can write, Christo, it is heartfelt, honest, and inspiring in spades.

    The poem and the narrative are what we all need, and I love it, others will love it too.

    Thank you.



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