The Endless Struggle

Squeeze as much juice as possible out of your short time on planet earth.


Never lose sight

Of the endless struggle

To be a better man

To be more than you are

To be the best version of yourself

Strive for these things

And you’ll never lose

Work hard

Like a man possessed

Give thanks

Like a man that’s blessed

Acknowledge the privilege

That comes with the West

Be more and more

You at your best

Time is getting short

The years slip by

So get your shit together and roll

Get our game face on

Prepare your ship and launch

Into a sea of hope

Let the sails

Cure what ails ya






All things good

All in good time

Best luck and best wishes

To the friends and family

Past and present

God bless us all

What else is there but to squeeze as much juice out of our short time on planet earth? I try to keep in mind all those hours spent watching TV and eating junk food could be spent doing something meaningful.

Never lose sight of that hunger to make the most of life, if you’re not careful the years will slip by unnoticed and before you know it mediocrity will have you beat.

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